Managing people, keeping customers happy and turning a profit are challenging enough for business owners. Should your IT and cyber security solutions be outdated or ineffective for the way we work today, your business productivity and efficiency will be further impacted. Effective, proactive, and manageable IT solutions are at the heart of all successful businesses.

With the right outsourced partner by your side, your business is more cyber secure, your productivity improved, your turnaround times shortened, your employees enriched, and your clients better serviced. If you have the right IT solutions, the right team, and an effective IT strategy, any technological challenges to your business will disappear. All this support, security, expertise and experience is available to your business via outsourcing with just a single monthly fee.


Lower and more predictable costs

For a single, pay as you go, monthly fee, you can access all the IT support services your business needs. This usually works out cheaper than hiring full time, in-house staff.

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Outsourcing your IT solutions is one of the most impactful decisions you can make for your businesses. Don’t believe us?
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Firstly, what are the issues associated with having no IT management – for a business to be improvising their IT stack?

Reactive, managed IT provisions deliver stronger cyber security solutions

Technology doesn’t stay still, it’s continuously evolving and ever improving, and so are cyber criminals. The threat actors after your data are becoming bolder, more persistent, and far more dangerous to businesses of all sizes. The threat of a cyber-attack has further heightened, and Managed IT Providers (MSPs) have had to improve their provisions and practices to react to the additional threats. As professional outsourced partners to businesses of all sectors and sizes, they need to stay ahead of the threats, protecting themselves and their clients. Outsourcing your IT to a professional managed services provider will ensure more effective, proactive cyber security solutions and better protect your data, systems, clients, and staff.

One step ahead of the technology curve

Professionals working in the IT support industry live and breathe technology, day in and day out, which means that our expert teams are continually investigating the next piece of tech that can better improve your processes, strengthen your cyber security, or streamline and optimise your business.

Reactive and scalable managed IT provisions deliver more effective IT solutions

It’s important to note that one of the most overlooked cyber security vulnerabilities is outdated hardware and software, but with an outsourced IT partner by your side, your technology and solutions will be tailored to your business needs and your budget. Thee solutions will managed, patched and updated as required. You’ll be able to upgrade or downgrade as required, and you’ll have on-hand support with SLAs (service level agreements) designed to meet your business and operational needs. As business increases or circumstances change, you might want to adopt 24/7 support, ad-hoc support, or require an in-house IT Manager or even an in-house IT team. By outsourcing your IT, you can arrange these changes, and many others, with your single point of contact. Simply pick up the phone and change your contract to suit your new IT needs.

RAD Group’s IT support and outsourcing services are clearly laid out in our service level agreement, ensuring that there’ll be no hidden fees or costs. The team at RAD Group will help your business cost-effectively upgrade outdated and obsolete hardware and software in line with your budget, further bolstering your security and improving your productivity.

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Proactive information on new services and solutions that will benefit your business

Your IT shouldn’t be subjected to one size fits all IT support and outsourcing services, so at RAD Group we tailor our services to fit your specific needs. This user-focused strategy is guided by our focused knowledge in several different industry verticals. Working with an IT partner who has an understanding of your specific IT needs and requirements in line with your industry and sector, is key. The RAD Group IT experts are well versed in the IT and cyber security needs of the construction, finance, educational, healthcare, and industrial sectors – among many others.

With our expansive partner network and our internal technical knowledge, we can advise our clients on beneficial new and relevant services, solutions, apps, hardware, training, and cyber security provisions.

As experts in our field, we also ensure that as the world and technology changes, we change with it and stay on top of all the latest technology trends. This ensures we always know exactly what technology your business requires. We provide ongoing training for each and every one of our valued team to ensure we have the best technology “know how.” This ensures your business has all the tools available to be successful today, tomorrow and in many years to come.

Choosing the right IT partner for your business is key, but it’s hard for business owners to understand what they should be looking for. With the right set of questions to ask your MSP shortlist, you can build up a picture of their practices, knowledge, partnerships, in-house skills, expertise, longevity, and client base. You need to be secure in the knowledge that the IT partner you choose has the experience and partnerships that will best benefit your business now, and in the future.


A more agile IT solution

IT support and outsourcing services can react to issues and business needs much faster than an in-house IT team. This can give you the advantage you need against your competitors.

Utilisation of the most impactful solutions and resources for your business needs

At RAD Group, we take time to understand your business, your industry, and your SLAs. We seek out the best solutions for your needs and ensure we implement them within budget. Whether that’s effective cyber security training and testing for your employees, or the most appropriate and cost-efficient Cloud solution, we work with your best interests at heart.

We strongly recognise no two organisations are the same, so why should your technology be? Unique plans will be set out making sure RAD Group has your business covered. Always.

More bandwidth to focus on bigger tasks

When your IT is taken care of and working optimally, you’re less stressed and have more time and energy to spend on running your business.

IT and cyber security consultancy with field experts and personalised provision of services

As a business owner, you need to know that your company and staff are in good hands, and working with well trained, well versed, and well-practiced IT professionals is high on your agenda. When we meet with a new client, the RAD technicians ensure a comprehensive business consultancy is completed. We also ensure that our current clients receive the same attention to detail, the same professionalism, and the same technical expertise – daily, and by the hour with our 24/7 support provisions. Our teams can expertly consult and deliver many business-critical services:

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Migration to Cloud services

We can devise and create a virtual environment for your teams so they can access the resources they need at any time, and from anywhere. By migrating your data to utilise cloud based services, you can achieve savings by reducing your physical space. By utilising Cloud storage, you’ll make further savings as you’ll no longer be maintaining and updating hardware and physical storage solutions.

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Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure

RAD Group are experts in Cloud services and can ensure businesses are equipped with the most effective business suite solutions. Our specialists will create your Cloud environment to your requirements, and provide professional dedicated support to your teams for any of the Office 365 apps that your business utilises.

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Multi office – MPLS and SD-WAN

Researching, defining, implementing, and managing the right infrastructure for your company will bring many benefits. We provide, consult on, deliver and manage your Multiprotocol Label Switching or Software-defined WAN.


Infrastructure and networking

An effective and manageable IT infrastructure is key to automation, remote working, communications, and security. Our IT professionals will design, create and deliver the network you need with the most effective connectivity to meet your business needs now and in the future.

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Server consolidation

With the RAD Group IT professionals well-versed and practiced in designing and creating the most efficient business IT environment, we will reduce costs associated with your services by ensuring their usage is efficiently maximised.

VoIP and connectivity

By defining and implementing market leading and award-winning IP voice products, we can streamline your communications and reduce your expenditure. RAD Group has partnerships with key and industry -leading communication partners and has many years of experience to assist with your business transition to the most effective, intuitive and cost-effective communication solutions.

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The RAD Group cyber security team work with our clients to ensure that sensitive data is properly protected, cloud services and provisions are secure, reactive and manageable, and that networks are expertly safeguarded from external attacks.
We’re partnered with many of the leading cyber security vendors, and continually undertake regular analysis of cyber security vendors and their respective services and products. This is to ensure our customers have the right solutions, that deliver the most effective cyber security for the ever-hanging threat landscape.

We also ensure we partner with the best cybersecurity providers and recommend on the most effective solutions. Only by continually assessing new threats, improvements in cyber security processes and solutions, and undertaking regular internal training and testing, can we ensure our business is safe and that our clients have the best protection from cyber threats.

No matter your IT needs, business practices or industry, working with the IT professionals at RAD will improve your way of working. Our solutions will benefit your business practices, your security, training, efficiency, and data management. The cost-savings from small tweaks to outdated, ineffective or inferior business practices and solutions can be business-changing. We have the experts and the expertise to deliver business changing outsources IT solutions.

Expert IT knowledge, longevity of service and proof of experience

Outsourced IT takes the top industry minds and puts them under one roof. We combine industry-specific knowledge with deep experience in specific fields like the Cloud and cyber security. RAD Group has 50 years of industry experience, and we’re committed to making sure each of our clients are well managed. We drive to curate excellent working relationships built on trust. It’s our job to ensure you have complete peace of mind that your technology needs are being proactively met.

Hear from our clients. Easily one of the most impactful ways to better understand the RAD Group way of working is with testimonials and client references.


Client Testimonials

It’s always good to highlight clients’ challenges and our solutions, here are just a few of the client testimonials we have.

“Our challenge was to move away from our older underperforming systems with limited disruption to the business, partnering with the RAD Group to migrate our systems was the best decision we made”

Beverly F
Leading financial company in London


If you’re ready to work with a trusted, proactive, and effective technology partner, to ensure that your business received the IT focus and energy it deserves, the team at RAD Group love to hear from you.

Simply book a meeting using the link below and within 24 hours one of our team members will be in touch to talk to you about your IT.

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