Led by a core of industry professionals our IT Consultancy Services team focuses on IT consultancy that consistently delivers

Many businesses today are finding their challenges constantly increasing; people and organisations continue to expect and demand faster services, greater reliability, increased efficiency, and continued savings. Innovative creative solutions are at the forefront.

Businesses are looking for a way to make sure they are swiftly supported 365 days of the year 24/7 without fail. Whether your business is looking for IT Consultancy services, Digital Workspace Solutions, Security Solutions or anything IT Related we are proud to say RAD Group have you covered.

Technology today for tomorrow’s needs

The RAD Group have over 50 years experience in assisting clients like yourself with their technology needs. RAD has delivered and managed IT services, driving down IT costs and improving system performance to be 100% certain our customers have the technology tools to be successful for 2021 and beyond. We provide expert advice when you are looking to replace or upgrade systems and deliver ongoing support & maintenance to complement your in-house support team or as your in-house support team. Call us today to make sure you have the technology for your future.

Why settle for second best?

RAD Group have partnered with several best in the industry providers to ensure you get the highest quality service possible. Our Partnerships include Microsoft, HP, Panda, Think Marble, Sonicwall and Netgear. Now let’s talk about Panda for a moment, an intelligent buddy software which monitors every application running on your device which detects attacks before they even happen. The software guarantees protection every time. How clever is that? Microsoft is another amazing software which provides users with a complete set of applications that make collaboration and sharing so simple and enjoyable that your team’s efficiency will take off. The partners we work with are exceptional. We would love you to call us today to discuss further how we can help take your business to the next level and why you should choose RAD Group over other Tech companies.


“Work with our clients to really understand their business and provide technology solutions that really make a difference.”

RAD Group’s history

From humble beginnings in 2003 the RAD Group have grown from strength to strength through a combination of organic growth and acquisition but primarily due to our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable expert services to each and every one of our clients. From niche small businesses to multinational corporations our expertise and attention to detail is proven – Call us now to discuss your needs.




Innovative technology is the future. RAD Group are heavily invested in staying up to date with the latest technology trends. The world is changing, technology is rapidly evolving and that is exactly what we do to make sure we know exactly what our clients are looking for and how we can best serve them. We provide ongoing training for each and every single one of our valued team to ensure we have the best Technology “know how” to make sure your business has all the tools available to be successful today, tomorrow and in many years to come.


We analyse and work with you and your organisation to understand your business, its needs and processes to give you the advice and recommendations that are specific to your business. We strongly recognise no two organisations are the same, so why should technology have to be? Unique plans will be set out making sure RAD have your business covered. Always.


Plans are useless without action. We create the plan with you and then we deliver for you. 50 years we have been in the industry and we are committed to making sure each of our clients have an amazing experience with RAD through the solutions we provide. Ultimately this will build your trust in us, you will have piece of mind that your technology needs are being met and this will ultimately result in the two of us having many years of strong solid foundations for a successful business relationship.


Delivering Managed IT services to businesses of all types and sizes across the UK and internationally driving down IT costs, improving system performance and increasing productivity to ensure your business has all the tools to be successful.







Underutilised Microsoft 365 apps and features

Underutilised Microsoft 365 apps and features

Underutilised Microsoft 365 apps and features The majority of UK businesses rely heavily on Microsoft 365. It’s the productivity powerhouse that keeps your teams running.

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