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There are few tools as essential to a business as Office 365. If the new normal is productivity anywhere anytime and the old office hours concept is now outdated, cooperation is instead here to stay; and effective collaboration is no doubt the number one ingredient of any successful business for the future.

Collaboration and productivity made simple with Office 365

There is no innovation without cooperation and Office 365 provides its users with a complete set of applications that make collaboration and sharing so simple and enjoyable that your teams efficiency will take off. With a wealth of productivity apps, Office 365 provides a solution to any business needs, even those that you are not even aware of yet!

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Create engagement with SharePoint

Looking for a way to keep your employees consistently up to date about the important things happening within your organisation? You do not need to look any further as Microsoft SharePoint is the solution for you. SharePoint is the Microsoft unrivalled cloud-based platform that allows its users to create a virtual plaza where team members can learn, interact, share documents, collaborate, and much more. Any time and any place whether that be in the office, at a clients site or available whilst working from home.

Use SharePoint to create your company intranet and boost the engagement of your staff by providing them with a point of reference where to find information easily and quickly. Everything they need to do their work without having to browse the internet, send e-mails or make multiple phone calls.

On the go cooperation with MS Teams

Connection is at your teams fingertips with Microsoft Teams. They just have to decide how their next interaction will take place: by text, voice, or video. Microsoft Teams is the must have app to support your business projects which provides flexibility and boosts real time cooperation, by giving your people the opportunity to stay constantly up to date with the status of their projects and promoting social learning.  Teams is also the perfect platform for your company training; digital training sessions will be easy to organise and enjoyable thanks to multiple integrated tools offered by Teams. Microsoft Teams perfectly integrates with all the other Office 365 apps such as PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

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Azure: A Microsoft cloud is in the sky

Welcome to a world of virtualisation with Azure, Microsofts public cloud platform that offers a wide collection of services like IaaS and PaaS.

More than 200 products and services, including AI and Machine Learning, databases, analytics, storage, and media made available to your organisation so that you can create the next generation of applications and stand out from the crowd. Curious to know Azura potential and how it can benefit your business? Get in touch with us today.

Office 365 + RAD Group = Your ace in the hole

Yes, Office 365 is a great product and at RAD Group we have a team of fully trained users with vast experience in delivering cloud solutions who look forward to assisting you in leveraging the strengths of every single tool included in the suite and make your Office 365 experience unique and seamless.

Call us today and one of our consultants will be ready to provide you with a full overview of the Office 365 features and to respond to all your questions.

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