Data backup & recovery services

The average cost of a cyber security breach for a UK business is £19,400*. And when breaches result in massive data loss, 43% of companies immediately go out of business and only 6% survive beyond two years. You need a bullet-proof backup and recovery solution for when the worst-case scenario becomes a challenging reality.

RAD Plus protects your data, security, productivity, and revenue by ensuring you can recover from major issues fast and without data loss, helping you to get back to business as normal with minimal downtime.

* HMRC Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

RAD PLUS providers


SolarWinds is a multi-award-winning global leader in integrated, scalable IT service management solutions. They offer intuitive, cloud-first backup software protected by AES 256-bit encryption, a standard that meets the requirements for military use. This technologically advanced backup solution offers an easy-to-use dashboard, fast data transfer, and multiple recovery options for your physical and virtual servers, workstations, documents, and Microsoft 365 package.


Flexible. Reliable. Three simple words that can be used to describe Veeam backup software. Founded in 2006, Veeam is an established global leader in data protection, offering a cloud-based data management platform for cloud, virtual and physical data. Ideal for any business looking for a smarter and more autonomous way of managing its data.


Founded in 2007 and with more than one million users in the world, Datto is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based software and technology products. Datto offer customised solutions to meet any business demands with a shared goal in mind: prevent disasters and handle those that occur. Datto SIRIS: an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built for MSPs to prevent data loss and minimize downtime. Datto ALTO: a hybrid cloud model designed specifically for small businesses.

RAD COMM benefits

Business continuity plan

We go beyond simply backing up and recovering data. As part of your RAD Plus service, we develop a bespoke business continuity plan to minimise the impact of ransomware attacks, human errors, hardware failure, or any other unforeseen circumstances on your business.

Secure backups

Data protection is a concern for any business. Your data is stored securely, protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. RAD Plus uses only the highest quality data backup and recovery technology from industry-leading providers.

Comprehensive backups

RAD Plus protects your business against unknown risks by taking frequent backups of your entire business infrastructure. Your business data is protected no matter where it lives, from files and applications on local servers to end-user endpoints and in SaaS applications.

Reliable, rapid recovery

You won’t need to worry if your system will be recoverable. We automatically verify that backups will boot with all data intact, giving you 100% confidence in your backups. And we can recover your data, servers or desktops from the cloud to a virtual environment in seconds, helping you get back to normal business operations rapidly.

Ransomware protection

With RAD Plus, you’re protected against attackers who target businesses using social engineering schemes that can leave you with no access to your data and a hefty ransom to pay to release it. You can prevent the damage to your finances and reputation that ransomware can cause by choosing RAD Plus.


RAD Plus is a scalable and flexible service that grows with your business so you can store as much backup data as you need. Our technology provides the most flexible retention options to ensure your data is stored for as long as required.


With RAD Plus, you have a team of experts on your side. They specialise in helping businesses discover potential vulnerabilities and offering the right solutions to address them. Leaving you to focus on growing your business or enjoying your free time without any fear of losing your hard work and money.

Our challenge was to move away from our older under performing systems with limited disruption to the business, partnering with the RAD Group to migrate our systems was the best decision we made


Do not take risks with your business data and continuity. Contact us today to discuss how we can best protect your business with a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution.


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