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Helping your business work and communicate more efficiently than ever before using Microsoft 365 tools.

RAD 365 features

There are few tools as essential to a business as Microsoft Office 365. But so many businesses are not aware of its full range of capabilities, so do not get value for money.

We listen carefully to understand your business needs and then deliver the advice and training that ensures your team can be fully productive and collaborate anywhere, anytime.

RAD 365 benefits

Boost productivity

Ensure the people in your business can work effectively from any location using the comprehensive range of 365 cloud-based apps. Revolutionise your communication, training, and product management with Teams. Leave the long email chains in the past with instant messaging and virtual meetings.

Collaboration and productivity made simple

There is no innovation without cooperation. Microsoft 365 offers a complete set of applications that make collaboration and sharing extremely intuitive. RAD 365 will ensure your team’s efficiency using these tools will take off.

Solve problems

With RAD 365, you’ll have access to the latest business software and our team’s extensive knowledge of the platform. We have the experience to help any business use 365 effectively to solve problems, communicate better, and grow.

Increase employee engagement

Looking to keep your employees consistently up to date about the important things happening within your organisation? Microsoft 365 includes tools like Sharepoint that ensure your team can learn, interact, share documents, collaborate, and much more. Any time, any location.

Reduce costs with virtualisation

Welcome a world of virtualisation into your business with Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud platform. RAD 365 helps you successfully implement Azure services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). We’ll deliver incredible flexibility and reduce your on-premise costs by moving your applications, storage, and networking to the cloud while introducing you to the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Always up-to-date

You won’t need to worry about outdated software, complex upgrades, downtime, or compatibility issues again. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, so you will always have the latest versions of your apps at no extra cost.

Stay secure

The security features within Microsoft 365 are beneficial for organisations achieving ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliance. Security features include encrypted email, data loss prevention, threat management, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Scalable 365

You are free to make changes to your RAD 365 package at any stage. Need additional storage? Need access to advanced features like remote app deployment? We can implement this remotely in just minutes. The RAD 365 service scales with your business.

Our challenge was to move away from our older under performing systems with limited disruption to the business, partnering with the RAD Group to migrate our systems was the best decision we made


Our team of fully trained 365 experts will work with you to leverage the strengths of every tool included in the suite and make your Microsoft 365 experience unique and seamless. Call us today and one of our consultants will be ready to provide you with a full overview of 365 features and answer all your questions.


Delivering Managed IT services to businesses of all types and sizes across the UK and internationally driving down IT costs, improving system performance and increasing productivity to ensure your business has all the tools to be successful.







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