Hiring a technology consulting partner – best practices

Hiring a technology consulting partner – best practices If you’re considering partnering with an information technology company like us here at the RAD Group, you might wonder where to start, what to expect, and how best to manage the process. This guide to hiring the right technology consultants will ensure you can manage the process […]

Cybersecurity, cloud and automation – predicting IT budget spend in 2024

Illustration of cybersecurity in the cloud

Cybersecurity, cloud and automation – predicting IT budget spend in 2024 As the UK business landscape continues to evolve, so do the demands placed on IT infrastructure. Businesses increasingly rely on digital solutions to operate effectively, so we predict cybersecurity, cloud adoption, and automation will be key priorities for IT spending in 2024. IT spending […]

What is the true cost of IT downtime?

An error screen on a Windows PC

What is the true cost of IT downtime? In today’s digital age, IT infrastructure is the backbone of any successful business. And when IT systems go down, it can bring normal business operations to a grinding halt, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage. Understanding the true cost of IT downtime is crucial for […]

Secure your business with Cyber Security Essentials accreditation

Business people with a laptop and papers on the desk in front of them

Secure your business with Cyber Security Essentials accreditation Businesses of all sizes increasingly face cybersecurity risks that threaten their operations, reputation, and revenue. And, with so much customer data now stored online in the cloud, cybercriminals are taking advantage of vulnerabilities in security defences to launch attacks like ransomware and phishing. According to a recent […]

Transform your internal communication in 2023

A virtual meeting in a bright modern office

Transform your internal communication If 2022 was a year of communication challenges for your business, it’s time to put that right this year and move forward with a solution. Ensuring your team can communicate effectively with colleagues and their management teams will prove crucial in 2023 as hybrid working becomes the norm and we continue […]

Cyber Security Breaches – Protect your IT

The average cost of a cyber security breach for a UK business is £19,400*. Businesses that aren’t prepared or protected not only suffer a massive financial hit but are also affected in other significant ways too, including: Business interruption Loss of productivity Reputation damage Stress and low morale 38% of UK businesses identified a cyber […]

Ransomware – Protect your Business from a Growing Threat

Did you know that 90% of companies in the UK will experience some sort of downtime due to cyber attacks like ransomware? These attacks often result in significant loss of data, productivity, and revenue. Unfortunately, they are happening to all kinds of businesses each day. Anyone who uses email and a connected device can be […]

RAD Group acquires Braintree based IT company General Geek

RAD Group Welcome General Geek to the RAD Family We were delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Braintree-based General Geek Limited into the RAD Group family. Established in 2010 General Geek are a full-service IT support company providing commercial IT support for businesses throughout Essex. We’re thrilled to bring their decades of IT industry […]

Top 6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Why should your business use cloud computing as its preferred IT environment? As the digital landscape continues to evolve, companies seek to implement the best tools to keep their business productive, evolving and competitive. According to a study by the International Data Group, an increasing number of tech-savvy businesses recognise the invaluable benefits of cloud […]

Cloud Migration 101 – Here’s where to start

Technical revolutions are rarely as transformative as the Cloud. This online-enabled way of working has opened up a wealth of tech to businesses, with many looking into dedicated Cloud migration for their future business strategy. What is Cloud Migration? Cloud migration is the process of moving your data, software and on-site technologies into a Cloud-enabled equivalent, saving on overheads, liberating office space and providing a more flexible workplace for […]